Privacy policy


North Asset Management's personal data directory of clients

The purpose of this list is to describe the company's processing of personal data, so that it can be documented that the rules of the Personal Data Regulation and the Data Protection Act are complied with.

Data controller

North Asset Management ApS 
Drechselsgade 10 B 
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

The purpose of the treatment or treatments

Contact information for customers in connection with communication and invoicing.

Category of registered persons

Information is processed about the following categories of registered persons:

a) Customers

b) Employees of customers

c) Subscribers

d) Our business partners

e) Customers' business partners

Information processed about the registered persons


Identification information



Names, company addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and any private addresses and portrait photos



Race or ethnic origin



Political, religious or philosophical beliefs



Trade union affiliation



Health information including genetic data



Biometric data for identification purposes



Sexual relations



Punishable conditions

The recipients of the personal data

Categories of recipients to whom information is or will be passed on, including recipients in third countries and international organisations:

1. The customer who has requested that the task be carried out 

Time of deletion of information

Personal information received from customers is deleted no later than 5 years after the information has been received, unless there are special circumstances that justify longer storage


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